Our Services

Texas Tailblazers is a dog walking, pet sitting, overnight care, pet taxi, bathing (Disclosure: We cannot provide breed specific grooming) and training service that caters to all breeds and mixes.

Our services fill an important need in the lives of your pet(s) by keeping them happy, safe and comfortable while you’re busy at work or away on vacation. Whether for a daily walk or a weeks’ vacation, it is our job to give you and your pet(s) complete peace of mind, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Initial Interview

This visit is conducted so that the needs of pet and owner can be discussed. This also allows for a safe first meeting between sitter and your pet. All details of subsequent visits will be obtained during this visit.

Lunch Express

This is a Monday-Friday service that is available between 10am and 3pm. They are designed to be 15-20 minute potty breaks with a short walk or playtime.

Weekly Lunch Express

This is designed for clients that want the lunch express service 5 consecutive days a week on an ongoing basis.

Dog Walking Services

Daily dog walking provides your dog with the opportunity to get exercise and personal attention while you are not at home. Research shows that dogs who get plenty of physical exercise are less stressed, show fewer signs of separation anxiety and in general, are much happier members of the family. We provide 30, 45 minute and one-hour walks, and can be customized to fit your dog’s needs.

Pet Taxi

Pet taxi includes transporting your pet to, and from, veterinarian or grooming appointments. Really, we’ll transport your pet wherever needed!

Bathing Services

Texas Tailblazers will come pick-up your pet(s), and take them to a professional self-serve dog wash closest to your home to bathe your pet, which allows for convenience, and to reduce the stress of your pet. Bathing services include a bath, blow-dry, brush, ear cleaning, nail trim, gland expression, and flea and tick treatment (if needed).
(Disclosure: Texas Tailblazers cannot provide breed specific grooming)

Pet Sitting/Overnight Care Services

We will come in and care for your pets once, twice, three, or four times per day as needed, making every attempt to maintain your pet’s regular routine. Pet sitting services are typically 30 minutes in length, and overnight care is from 9pm-6am, and includes the following:

  • Walks, exercise and playtime
  • Potty breaks
  • Clean up of pet waste/litter box
  • Medication administration
  • Bringing in newspaper/mail
  • Taking trash to curb on trash day
  • Turning on/off lights per instructions
  • Email, text or journal of how your dog is doing (provided daily)
  • And, most importantly, lots of love & cuddles!

Call today to schedule an initial in-home interview

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Texas Tailblazers is fully insured and bonded. All employees have completed a background check before starting employment.