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Lunch Express Dog Walk


(All lunch express visits include a 15 minute walk for a potty break, and also allows your furbaby to stretch and play)

Weekly Lunch Express Dog Walks


($15 per visit, prepaid at the beginning of each week)

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Passes:

30 minute walk

  • 5 pack $115
  • 10 pack $220
  • 20 pack $400

45 minute walk

  • 5 pack $135
  • 10 pack $260
  • 20 pack $480

One hour walk

  • 5 pack $160
  • 10 pack $300
  • 20 pack $560
***All passes are prepaid, and valid for six months*** Holiday Rates: Dog walking or pet sitting visits on major holidays include a $5 surcharge. $8 when booking 4 visits or less (100% of surcharge goes to the dog walker or pet sitter).

Single Walk Visits:

30-minutes: $28
45-minutes: $32
One-Hour: $37

Overnight Care:

In-home overnight care (9pm – 6am) $70
In-home overnight care (9pm – 6am) & mid-day walk $85

Pet Taxi:

Drop off and pick-up for veterinarian and grooming appointments $30

Transport pet & stay at appointment $30 plus $10 for each additional 30 minutes

Bathing Services:

Bathing services include a bath, blow-dry, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, and gland expression, which will be done at a professional self-serve dog wash location nearest to your home. (Disclosure: Texas Tailblazers cannot provide breed specific grooming)

Each dog, and their coat’s, are different, therefore, we do not post our prices here. Bathing/grooming is a time-based service so prices are dependent on your dogs’ size, coat, condition and behavior. You can call to get a quote, and we can give you a starting price based on breed (or closest for our mixed breeds). The price quotes are also dependent upon your dog(s) health, regularly brushed/bathed, and are agreeable to the bathing process. These prices are only a quote, and once the bather meets your dog(s), we can give you a more precise price. (For example, elderly dogs and puppies typically take longer to groom, due to the importance of ensuring they are as comfortable as possible).

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