About the Founders


You have probably heard the rhyme – Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.

My grandmother begged me to tell her what I was wishing for, but I had heard that if you told your wish, it would not come true. After a lot of convincing, I told her my wish – a kitten or a baby brother.

About a week later, mom and dad brought home the cutest little kitten I named Tiger. A baby brother was not in the plans. I have had dogs and cats all of my life. Everything from mixed breeds to Shih Tzus, Poodles, Labs and Pit Bulls. I currently have four pups which ruff me “Mom,” and a foster: Phoebe, Boo, Luna, Sabrina and Bitsy. Four Pit Bulls, and the odd ball, Dachshund mix.

I love all breeds, but I have a special love for pit bulls and volunteer for several rescues.

I also founded a non-profit organization for pitbulls – The Pit Bull Project — as pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood dog breeds. Donate to The Pitbull Project Here: The Pitbull Project

I have worked as a registered nurse for over 30 years, but my passion has always been caring for animals. In 2000, I opened a doggie daycare/boarding/training facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, and in 2011, another facility in Fort Collins, Colorado. Both endeavors filled my heart and brought memories I will cherish forever. Life brought me to Austin, Texas in 2013, where I returned to nursing, but I’ve never given up rebuilding and growing my passion again.

Now I’m ready to bring my dreams back to life.


I have been a pet lover, as you have, my entire life.  I grew up with animals, and couldn’t imagine my life without them now.  My earliest memories of pets were my mom and dad rescuing a red Doberman (“Pinch”) and a Lab mix (“Bonnie”) as “siblings.” I have had many dogs of all breeds, lizards, snakes, etc., since then. All the puppy cuddles, kisses and playtime bring me so much joy.

How we got started?

Well, I have always known my love and compassion for animals.  One day, my partner started talking to me about her dreams.  She has been a nurse for ~30 years, but animals have always been her passion.  She had two doggie daycare/boarding facilities; one in Charlotte, NC. and one in Fort Collins, CO., but life lead her to Austin, TX., which is where she wants to continue to pursue her dream of owning a dog business.  I am here as a partner who is equally passionate about animals to keep her dream alive!

My passion is dog rescue.  I have partnered with Lisa to build The Pitbull Project (Donate Here: The Pitbull Project) to help the most misunderstood breed out there today, pitbulls. Although there are hundreds of thousands of pitbulls in shelters across the country, we try to help all breeds find furever homes.  Our goal is to help educate, train and rescue furbabies, and prevent as many as we can from being euthanized.

Life before Texas Tailblazers & The Pitbull Project:

I was a manager at Lowe’s Home Improvement for ~10 years before returning to college to finish my degree in 2010.  I finished my Bachelor’s degree in 2013, and my Master’s degree in 2015 at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX.  The semester before completing my Master’s degree, I began a career in data at Seton Heart Specialty Care and Transplant Center as a Cardiac Program Data Specialist, where I continued to work until just recently (March 2019) to seriously pursue Texas Tailblazers as a career.

Fun facts about me:

  • I have trained TaeKwonDo for ~30 years, certified through the World TaeKwonDo Federation, and under Grandmasters, Won Chi Park and Roy Kurban out of Arlington, Texas.
  • I am an athlete at CrossFit Round Rock (crossfitroundrocktx.com), where I have quickly felt I am part of the CF family. I love working out, keeping in shape and eating healthy to keep my body fueled!
  • I earned a Master’s degree from Texas State University in Sociology with a focus in statistics.
  • I LOVE coffee. You’ll often see me at Summer Moon (woodfiredcoffee.com) enjoying a cup-o-java, while working on learning how to be a better business owner, leader, dog walker, pet sitter, etc.
  • I would be the “phone-a-friend” for sports trivia on a game show. I am a diehard Texas Longhorn, Dallas Cowboy and San Antonio Spurs fan. Anything sports related, really!
  • I have three furbabies (plus a foster) of my own. Three pit bulls, Sabrina (foster), Luna, Boo, and one rotten dachshund, Bitsy.

Be a part of my dream!

No matter what kind of furbaby you have, let me walk, pet-sit, transport, bathe and/or train your special pooch! Contact me at 512-333-0433 or Click here to email me to schedule a visit.